Sustinere is not a Latin word. Not even a Greek one. There are the fields which we stand for hidden in our name: sustainability, innovation, economy, relations, environment.

Oh, okay. So it's pronounced the same way as Molière? Yes but no. We really like the sound of vocals so hold the penultimate e a tiny bit longer. Exactly. Sustineeeere.

We are strategists, innovators and communicators. Above all, we are people who want to contribute to the development of sustainable business and thereby create a stronger society. There are several of us but our values are one.



We have years of experience and thousands of hours of honing our skills. We do what we promise and we only promise what we can do. We believe in absolute personal responsibility which means that we stand for our words and deeds. Always. We are firm believers of luck – the harder we work and the more profoundly we prepare the more we seem to have it. We don’t talk much about ourselves as we want our work to speak for us.


We do not do business at any price. Our work is value based. We don’t care about your revenue, industry or position in any of the rankings. The key is your will to create a deliberate change. Not only on paper but also in real life.


We know our realm, from inside out. However, we always want more. We keep ourselves sharp by continuously learning, exploring and asking questions. We know that in most cases changes are not initiated by the alignment of planets or the current price of sugar. Changes start within ourselves. That is why we want to do something that counts.


We are here for nobody else but you. We like ideas. We first listen to understand not to respond. We are honest. We acknowledge that there are other views than ours. We respect. We believe in dialogue and discussion. We always say thanks. We all have a sweet tooth but we never sugarcoat. We don’t keep things from each other. Okay, yes, with one exception. Chocolate has to be hidden. Always.

100%. There are no 4/5’s or 99.8's. There is always a 100%. If we do then we do it full on. We are not afraid to burn the midnight oil if necessary. If we hesitate, we don’t do. And when we do, we never hesitate.  


We take our work seriously but ourselves not so much. We love to have a good laugh and to a tiny bit of fun.  Might be that we love to make fun of ourselves and each other. A positive mindset and a little witty joke (or two) keep us going and our minds open.

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