Sustinere is here to inspire and advise you on your journey to more sustainable business. Whatever the task we can help you to carry it out from the beginning to the very end.  We develop strategic solutions and are your partners to bring about a change to create better business and a stronger society.

Your needs are unique – so are our practical tools in a range of services. For a matter of clarity we divide our advisory in three:


We believe that sustainable business needs a business model that works, a strategy which considers your future needs and a thorough impact management.

We are here to help you to sustainably manage your key business areas. Therefore, we help to develop business models, create strategies, map current situation and possible risks and seize new opportunities for growth. We carry it out in various fields such as human resources, (work) environment and business management.

Our services include:

  • Social and environmental impact assessment for businesses, products, services and supply chain
  • Risk and opportunity analysis
  • Situation audits and due diligence analysis
  • Sustainable business model analysis and development
  • Development of strategies, action plans and principles, both in impact management as well as in several subcategories
  • Advising on management systems and certificates
  • Development and execution of reporting


Understanding and managing the impact of your products and services is the core of sustainable business.  We believe that competitiveness and growth are ensured by high-quality products and thoughtful services. With our expertise and knowledge of service design, resource efficiency and product development we are to help you to design a single product or the whole portfolio.  We want your services and products to be more innovative, user-friendly and thus more valuable.

Our services include:

  • Service design and product development following the concept of sustainability
  • Application of circular economy in product development
  • Advising on resource efficiency


Strength of a business always starts from its people - both from satisfied customers as well as from motivated employees. It includes a caring relationship with the community and transparent behaviour with investors and partners. This, however, requires a well- functioning internal and external communication, constant value-based employee motivation and deliberate customer experience management.

We will help you to map and engage your stakeholders in the company, community and society and create an effective dialogue both inwards and outwards.

Our services include:

  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Sustainable workforce planning and developing sustainable human resource policies
  • Strengthening employer’s brand
  • Creating the customer experience conception and management
  • Developing and managing societal affairs projects (strategic philanthropy, charity)
  • Creative planning and implementation of sustainability communication