In order to change the world, we should first understand it. Sustinere has gathered a lot of experience, combined it with the most up-to-date methodologies and research-based approaches - and we are ready to share it all to create a better understanding for both managers and employees of the company. We do not have shelf solutions - we create a training, seminar or a workshop based on the needs and expectations of your company.

What workshops we do? 

  • Big picture - ESG and sustainability - for who and why?
  • Sustainability and ESG management in the company (including certificates and frameworks)
  • ESG risk and impact assessment
  • Management of environmental impacts - from assessment to mitigation
  • ABC of climate impact assessment and sector-specific approaches
  • Climate neutrality - what it is and how to achieve it (incl. compensation/offset)
  • Carbon handprint (avoided emissions)
  • ESG and sustainability reporting (incl. GRI)
  • An overview of the ESG regulations - from taxonomy to reporting 
  • Life-cycle assessment of the product (LCA and EPD)
  • Impact on biodiversity - how does it affect us?
  • Sustainable Development Goals - where is our focus?
  • ESG and change management in your company