Climate risks start affecting business activities from 2 perspectives - physical risks interrupt value chains and business continuity, and transition risks (policy and regulations, market demand, consumer preference, technology) require adaptation to remain high competitiveness. It all affect the resilience of business operations and business model.

Companies are mostly being asked about their climate risk assessment process, outcomes and adaptation measures from banks, or when applying for state or EU funding. We can help you to answer these requests, and conduct risk assessment which is relevant for your business decisions too.

What we do?
  • Align your risk assessment, risk management and risk reporting with relevant frameworks, including EU`s sustainability reporting standard disclosure requirements or TCFD climate-risk guidelines.
  • Conduct climate risk assessment - physical risk and transition risk which affect your business, including mapping the risks, and scoring the risks.
  • Develop adaptation measures for risk mitigation - propose proper activities (market benchmark, industry practice, common approaches), discuss with your management team and dedicated people, agreeing on final adaptation plan.
  • Conduct assessment for climate proofing of infrastructure following the relevant guidance and methodologies by European Commission and European Investment Bank.