Carbon footprint analysis assesses not only the effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) but also the emissions of seven different greenhouse gases and then gives the overall results in CO2 equivalent. The carbon footprint can be calculated for almost anything - a product, a service, an event, a company, and so on. Measuring the company's climate footprint is useful because it focuses on the hotspots and provides clear guidelines for reducing the footprint and minimizing financial risks. 

Carbon footprint emissions are divided into three scopes:
1) direct GHG emissions from sources owned or controlled by the company,
2) indirect GHG emissions associated with the purchase of electricity, steam, heat, or cooling
3) other indirect GHG emissions

What we do?
  • We help to map and measure the company's most important sources of climate impact (e.g. energy and material flows, purchased energy and products/services etc.) and find a specific impact value for each input and output (e.g. waste). The scope of the impact assessment is agreed with the client.
  • We use recognized databases, relevant scientific literature and national inventory reports.
  • When using impact factors, we follow the specifics of the company and find the most accurate location-based factors possible for the company's input and output.
  • We provide a thorough report of the organisation's carbon footprint and its scopes.
  • We provide recommendations for reducing the organisation's climate impact.

See the life cycle assessment (LCA) of the product/service HERE.