Each product or service has its own life cycle and environmental impact. Sustinere helps companies identify the environmental impact of a company's product or service by making an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) or a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). LCA assesses the environmental impact of a product or service throughout its life cycle (from cradle to grave or cradle to cradle). In this process, impacts can be assessed in almost thirty impact categories (e.g. ozone depletion, eutrophication, ionizing radiation and much more).

EPD is also similar to a life cycle assessment of a product, but it is verified by an independent third party. EPD can be made for all products, but most EPDs are made for construction materials. The EPD is valid for 5 years, unless significant changes are made earlier in the production process. 

Creating LCA and/or EDP enables production process and value chain optimization, provides a competitive advantage, facilitates marketing, and influences investment opportunities. Understanding the impact of a product or service through LCA or EPD is critical to achieving carbon neutrality.

What we do?
  • LCA/EPD analysis/verification.
  • We map the inputs (raw materials, electricity and heat, fuels, etc.) and outputs (waste, exhaust gases and water, etc.) of the product or service and implement specific values ​​to them.
  • For life cycle assessment we use international standards (ISO 14000) and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol guidelines, which ensures the reliability, high-quality and comparability of the assessment.

See organization's carbon footprint assessment HERE.