The European Union has taken an ambitious approach to climate neutrality and towards sustainable economic development, first and foremost in the form of the EU Green Deal, following-on with further requirements and measures for reporting and sustainability. Regulations mainly concern large companies and the financial sector but also offer many opportunities for other companies. Compliance with regulations is an important part of risk and impact management, helping to prevent both financial and reputational damage and ensures the resilience of the business model in a changing environment.

What we do?
  • We help companies navigate the changing regulatory landscape and we support the creation of an ESG strategy and reports in a way that is consistent with the EU's sustainability regulatory requirements.

The main regulations we focus on are:

  • EU taxonomy for sustainable activities
  • Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation - SFDR
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive - CSRD
  • Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive
  • and others Green Deal strategies